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England has been the home to a wealth of cricket talent. The international team has boasted a constant supply of big game players over the years. And of course, with such dominance comes great interest from sports bettors across the globe, you can visit Coral to find interesting offers on cricket and your favourite sports.

There are plenty of things to love about cricket. Spectators are always on the lookout for big sixes, reflex catches and the dreaded umpires signal (the crooked finger!). With so much to love about the game, it’s only reasonable to open up the debate as to who the top players in England currently are.

Cricket is of course divided into various positions, so it would be unfair to categorise based on any one statistic. This being said, we have divided the debate up into the following categories: batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. The best in the land are outlined below, and the statistics are truly impressive.

Top Batsman

Undoubtedly the most dominant batsman currently in England is Joe Root. Aged 27, Root has played 74 test matches for England already. He has amassed 6,279 runs during this period, which puts him at a rather handy 51.04 average runs per test. Furthermore, with statistics this good he strikes fear into the hearts of the Australian players (England’s main rival of course).

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Top Bowler

While this young fella’ may be knocking on in terms of his cricket career, the 35 year old from Lancashire still boasts an incredible record. Anderson has taken an incredible 540 wickets in just 138 test matches for England. He has also been prolific through the years in helping England win ‘The Ashes’ on three separate occasions. Credited with having one of the smoothest bowling actions, he is still able to get huge movement on his deliveries at a considerable pace.

Top Fielder

Slightly controversial for the top fielder, given that this young man has only been in the international team for a few years. Ben Stokes is the man we are placing at the top of this category (keep in mind these are current players). He has great pace, a powerful arm and great reflexes meaning he can field from practically anywhere the captain asks. These abilities combined allow him to run people out with fast and accurate throws, and catch seemingly impossible mid-flight shots.

Top Wicket Keeper

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Without a shadow of a doubt, the best current wicket keeper for the England team is Jonny Bairstow. Aged 29, he has claimed 161 dismissals for the England team. Plus, Bairstow holds the record for most dismissals in a calendar year with 70 dismissals to his name. This is impressive by anyone’s standards, and this man continues to prove himself pivotal to the overall success of the England International Squad.