MANAGER John Pemberton is demanding more from Kidderminster's experienced players after a disappointing defeat to Brackley.

Harriers remain winless at home this season following Tuesday night's 3-1 loss.

Goals from Shane Byrne and Thierry Audel put Town in control at Aggborough as Kidderminster failed to fire.

Correy Davidson did give the home side hope before the break but a second half strike from James Armson wrapped up the win for the visitors.

Only late saves from goalkeeper Cameron Gregory prevented Brackley from chalking up even more goals in the closing stages.

Pemberton has struggled to add to his small squad due to a change of ownership being in the pipeline at Aggborough but it was his more experienced players that came under the spotlight following the defeat.

He said: "The players who let us down have been here a while. They are the experienced ones, not the young kids.

"I'm having to move my captain all around the pitch because we're not strong enough.

"I haven't got enough men and when I go and borrow a player I can't go and borrow people's best players, I borrow people's young players and it's not young players we need.

"Unfortunately we've got a group of players who will fall short somewhere and at the moment I've got no balance to the team and I'm juggling everything. I need more from people who have been here.

"I can't go and play the game for them. We can't stick the ball in the net for them. That's where you want Chambo (Ash Chambers) to have a bit of composure and Peni (Richard Peniket) to have a little bit of composure.

"You want Jonno (Ryan Johnson) to have composure defending instead of being rash and diving in and missing the ball, you want Ed Williams to get on the ball instead of dribbling with people around him.

"They are experienced players and that is what is letting us down. The experienced players aren't coming to the table and they need to and I've told them that."

On the overall performance, he added: "I thought we were poor. We've got our three best players missing and tonight showed where we are as a team and probably where we are as a football club at the moment.

"I'm not defending that today and I've told them that in the dressing room. At times that was embarrassing and I'm not accepting it. A lot of them, quite a few of them, are accepting it. They are accepting getting beat.

"If you're a boxer on the ropes and you keep getting punched, every now and then you've got to roll your sleeves up and come out punching otherwise you end up on the floor.

"At the moment, when people put us on the ropes, we end up on the floor. There is no fight in them other than my captain.

"We've done okay in some of the games but we created no chances tonight because tonight was a fight. When we fight we get beat because we haven't got enough scrappers."