FOOTBALL grounds have been savaged by Storm Dennis in recent days with a number of local clubs left needing serious clean-up operations.

Flooding has swamped the Midlands region and days on from the storm breaking out on Saturday sports grounds all around have now been left to deal with the aftermath.

One of those most affected was Stourport Swifts who are now looking at weeks without football at their Walshes Meadow home which is also shared by Droitwich Spa.

Swifts media officer Ian Johnson explained this year had been the worst yet for the Midland Football League Premier Division club.

“This is the worst it’s been,” he said.

“Our biggest worry is that if it comes up much more it’ll come into the clubhouse. Thankfully it’s on blocks so it’s got a little bit of a way to go but we’re praying it doesn’t get any higher.

“It’s too late to stop it. It was supposed to have peaked last night (Tuesday) but it’s still coming in and it’s not like it’s clean water either, it’s filthy, full of everything you can imagine.

“Essentially it’ll be down to us but there is nothing we can do until the water subsides and I think it will be a few weeks before we have games playing here again.”

Another club hit hard by the rain are Westfields who posted pictures on their Twitter page depicting water levels coming up to the railing around the pitch.

Hellenic League club Westfields' chief executive Andy Morris says the flooding has impacted the club in a damaging way.

"It has put a big dampener on us and is also a psychological blow,” he said.

"We couldn't get into the clubhouse at the weekend as it was lapping up against the building.

"When we did get into the building we found it in a horrendous mess and it's something that's never happened to us.

"We knew that the football ground would flood so with the planners we designed a building on stilts above the highest ever reading and we thought it was flood proof.

"It's got to all the kit and storage as well as ruining the carpets in the executive lounge and manager's office.

"We've got to make an insurance claim and I'm sure the club will all rally around with parents of the junior teams and supporters to help.

"The Hellenic League and Herefordshire FA have been so sympathetic and also offered us their help.”

With postponements now occurring across the board in the various Midlands leagues, the prospect of heavy congestion towards the back end of the season is not one players and staff welcome.

Swifts have had two weeks’ worth of cancellations but it is not something that is new to them.

“We don’t have full seasons any more,” Johnson continued.

“Storms and rain always hit and it’s getting worse every year. We had 10 games called off last season.

“The games all have to be played by a certain time as promotion and relegation need to be solved so the league can’t start with that until they know who is in those places.”