THE owner of Kidderminster Harriers claims West Ham United have decided against sharing extra cash with his club following their recent FA Cup clash. 

Appearing on James O'Brien's LCB radio show, frustrated Harriers owner Richard Lane said a share of the Hammer's ticket money could have been used for new floodlights and investment in the academy. 

Non-league Harriers nearly caused a colossal upset when they were "nanoseconds" from beating Premier League opponents West Ham in the fourth round of the cup on February 5. 

Mr O'Brien, who attended the fixture, spoke of the tradition of big clubs surrendering some of the take, either from TV or ticket money, to their opponents. 

Richard Lane told LBC: “The news isn’t good. Unfortunately, we had the news that they would prefer to invest in local charities and not share the ticket money with us.

“So yes, we are continually unlucky with the result and secondly the FA denying us a replay which has deprived us again from some well-earned money to continue to grow. 

“We need new floodlights, the academy needs investment in et cetera – all the investment that we were hoping to get to put back into the club, we unfortunately haven’t had that."

Mr Lane explained that costs escalated with hiring extra staff and security on the day. 

He added: “I was unfortunately disappointed and frustrated.

“We had to put so much effort into putting that on. People do not understand what we went through. 

“We hired so many staff – it was just incredible what we did, but it all costs money and it’s about what we get at the end of it. “

James O'Brien added: "We need a chant on the terraces of West Ham – ‘give Kiddy the money’ or something like that.”

West Ham United declined to comment, however under FA rules, the club is not obliged to agree to give Harriers money generated from the game.