STOURPORT doctor Rachel Ward will test herself once more when she represents Great Britain in the World Triathlon Champions in Brisbane this month.

The 50-year-old completes in the 50 to 55-year-old age group in Australia on Saturday.

This is the second time that Ward has represented the country at the championships and came eight in the 45-49 age section in Vancouver last year.

She said: “This is my second time at the World Championships and I am hoping that I will be a little more relaxed than the first time.

“Last time I was nervous but now I know how it all works and concentrate on competing, doing my best and enjoying myself.

“My aim is to do my best and try and keep up with competitors I know are better than me.

“I am in an older age group and competing in the Olympic standard class this time around so it is going to be a tougher competition for me.

“It is spring in Australia, so I am hoping that it's not too hot. If it is then I will struggle because I haven’t really done any warm weather training.”

Ward goes into the tournament in good form after a year where she has not been hampered by injury.

The Amazing Feet running club member suffered a broken clavicle last year in the build-up to Vancouver.

But she is in fine form and ran a personal best in this year’s London Marathon, setting a time of three hours, 33 minutes and 14 seconds.