A RESIDENT in a Kidderminster block of flats said that two teenagers are causing "chaos" for him and his neighbours by repeatedly pressing their buzzers and running away.

Jamie Morris, 23, of Drake Crescent, said the youngsters "find it funny" to play the knock and run game at least once a week at a number of Wyre Forest Community Housing flats in his road.

He also said one of the offenders threatened to throw a brick through his window last Thursday after he asked them to stop.

Mr Morris said: "We've been having a lot of disturbance with two lads. We're on buzzer systems, we get it quite a lot, they run up and down pressing all the buzzers.They're just generally causing a lot of trouble and upsetting my neighbours."

He added that the youngsters had been destroying copies of The Shuttle that were delivered to flats and tipping over residents' wheelie bins.

"They just don't know when to stop," Mr Morris added. "They just get away with it. They do it because they've got nothing better to do I guess.

"It's just a pain. I've got elderly neighbours and they're putting themselves in danger by going outside to see who it is."

Mr Morris said the problems started a couple of months ago and affect blocks of flats on both sides of an alley connecting Drake Crescent to Manor Avenue.

"They're just generally causing chaos," he added. "They are also verbally abusive and they're causing distress.

"I've spoken to a police officer and I've been told they are going to speak to the person in question. I've also been told to keep a log.

"The police came out on Thursday but they didn't catch them. You can actually turn off the buzzer system that we have but if somebody comes to visit you won't know."

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said they are aware of the anti-social behaviour and have encouraged anyone residents to call 101 to report incidents.

Anyone with information about the incident last Thursday can call 101, quoting incident reference 466-S-200314.