CROCUS corms planted in Kidderminster have bloomed to form a “beautiful” display.

A total of 30,000 bulbs were planted by more than 60 volunteers around Hoobrook War Memorial last October and they have blossomed for the first time.

The planting sessions were an initiative by Kidderminster-Husum Twinning Association to provide residents and visitors with a taste of the Crocus Festival held in Husum in Germany.

Each year, the Castle Park in Husum is covered with purple crocuses and the plants have been planted in six locations in Kidderminster including Broadwaters and St George’s Park.

Hilary Boyle, secretary of the Kidderminster-Husum Twinning Association, said: “When the sun is shining there’s two beautiful teardrop shapes at the war memorial.

“It looks really cool and so this year we’re hoping to plant some in other areas.

“It’s a way of trying to enhance the look of Kidderminster as you approach the town.”