A 99p Store will be opening its doors in Kidderminster, creating around 30 jobs.

The UK discount brand is set to open in the former Boots store in the Swan Centre on Sunday, August 11.

The new store - with a sales floor of 7,933 sq. ft. - is undergoing a £250,000 makeover ahead of the opening.  

Hussein Lalani, co-founder and owner of the value brand, said: “It has now become cool to shop at 99p Stores.

“The public has become rightly fixated and hooked on value - and we are delighted to oblige.

“The days of the public paying three times over the odds for everyday basics like branded toothpaste, coffee and washing-up liquid are a thing of the past.

“We conduct constant research and feedback and what has been coming across loud and clear in Kidderminster, Worcestershire and the West Midlands - as well as across the United Kingdom - is that the public is fed up of having been ‘ripped off’ for years by the so-called Big Four supermarkets.”

He added: “When shoppers come in its heads held high and afterwards onto facebook and Twitter sharing their great ‘value’. It never used to be like that. Now people like to share and even boast about the savings they make. It’s become the social norm.”

Youngsters will get the chance to take part in a trolley dash before the store opens in an attempt to beat the world record of 267 items in 99 seconds.

The winner will become a VIP for the day and will be invited to cut the grand opening ribbon.

“This lucky child will become a true ‘VIP’ for the day,” said Mr Lalani. “Very Important Pennysaver that is."

People interested in taking part in the dash should email 99p@6starpr.co.uk by August 7.