A 105-YEAR-OLD wo man has died peacefully just three weeks shor t of her birthday.

Florence Reeve, who has been featured in The Shuttle every year since she toasted her 100th bir thday, died last Friday, weeks before reaching another milestone .

The mother of three, who was born on Valentine’s Day in 1908, died at Breach House Residential Home , Belbroughton, where she had been living for about nine years .

Her daughter, Carole Swingler, of Bewdley , said: “We really thought she was indestructible, as she always bounced back from illnesses .

"We had seen her, alert and happy, only two days before and something made me take photographs of her .

“Despite her age, her death came as a shock to everyone but we are grateful she was not ill and died quickly and peacefully, simply of old age .

“Sadly, I did not get to the residential home in time but she was surrounded by wonderful staff, who had looked after her so well over the last nine years .

“Our family feel so lucky that Florence’s last years were spent in such a loving, caring environment.”

Mrs Reeve, the sole survivor of five children, was brought up in Coventry and lived through the Blitz with her late husband, Philip .

During war time, they cycled out of Coventry at night with their daughter, Mrs Swingler, a former Bewdley Festival organiser, in order to sleep safely but uncomfortably on the floor of a village hall.

Later, they moved to Worcester and the then widowe  Mrs Reeve live d in Wolverley before eventually moving to Breach House Residential Home .

Mrs Reeve also leaves behind three grandchildren, two stepgrandchildren and three great grandchildren.