A COMPULSIVE shoplifter has had six weeks chopped off a prison sentence after a successful appeal.

Jed Danell, 51, of Comberton Road, Kidderminster was jailed for 18 weeks by Worcester magistrates after pleading guilty to stealing meat and fish worth £43 from the Co-op in Chapel Street, Worcester.

Danell was said by prosecutor Richard Davenport to have 177 convictions for 371 offences for stealing from shops.

He said he had been released from prison for four weeks ago and had received only one benefit cheque.

Fergus Maxwell, for Danell, said the list of previous convictions may have "raised the bar" with magistrates when it came to sentencing.

At Worcester Crown Court Judge Abbas Mithani QC agreed that the sentence of 18 weeks seemed excessive and reduced it to 12 weeks, giving full credit for an early guilty plea.