MYTHS surrounding fostering are being dispelled by Worcestershire County Council during a two-week promotional drive.

The council is marking Foster Care Fortnight, which runs until Sunday, May 25, by asking the question, "Guess who fosters".

The question is a chance to dispel the myths surrounding people who foster throughout the county. There are people from a mix of backgrounds, who put themselves forward as foster carers. They include gay, straight, black, white and single people.

People in full-time jobs also apply to become a carer and are able to balance the commitment around their working hours.

Conservative councillor Liz Eyre, the council's cabinet member with responsibility for children and families, said: "Every year, 12 per cent of foster carers leave the service due to retirement or to pursue other avenues of work and so there is a constant need to recruit new foster carers.

"Together with a rise in the number of children coming into care, this means we are calling on the people of Worcestershire to come forward and see if they can foster."

She added: “What really matters is that someone has the commitment, skills and ability to look after children separated from their own families and to offer them a stable and secure home. Worcestershire County Council offers financial support to carers to enable them to undertake this important role."

To find out more about fostering for Worcestershire County Council online, visit or call 0800 028 2158 for an information pack.