BEWDLEY residents have chosen their representatives on Bewdley Town Council.

Voters went to the polls on Thursday and the council has received a shake up, with Conservative Julian Philips and veteran Independent Louise Edginton both choosing not to stand for re-election.

Two-time former mayor, Paul Gittins, of Labour, who has been a councillor for 20 years, failed to win re-election as did his wife Carol Gittins.

Elected in Bewdley West were Stephen Clee (Con),Roger Coleman (Con), Calne Edginton-White (ICHC) and Derek Killingworth (ICHC).

In Bewdley East, John Beeson (ICHC), Anna Coleman (Con), Philip Edmundson (ICHC) and Margaret Fishwick (Con) were elected.

Voted on to the council in Bewdley Wribbenhall were Maurice Alton (UKIP), Linda Candlin (ICHC), Liz Davies (ICHC), Anne Mace (ICHC) and Gordon Yarranton (Con).