A DISPUTE between a mother and her local church about a fence around her daughter’s grave, is currently ongoing.

Karen Hoszko, 48, of Stourport, put up the fence at St Michael and All Angels Church to stop people walking on the grave of her daughter, Kelly Cartwright, which is situated next to a footpath.

However, the church said there was an agreement with Mrs Hoszko’s family for the fence to be removed as it is against the burial ground’s rules and guidelines.

Mrs Hoszko said: “It’s disrespectful by the church to remove a fence that we put in place to stop people walking on my daughter’s grave.

“I will not have my daughter be treated as part of the footpath, she’s too special for me to let that happen.”

The Venerable Nikki Groarke, Archdeacon of Dudley, who issued a statement on behalf of the church, said: “It is important that the churchyard remains a dignified, natural and holy ground for everyone who lives here and all those who visit and maintain it.

“To this end, the Church authorities have issued rules and guidelines that govern memorials and the management of churchyards and these were explained to the family at a meeting earlier in the year.

“Both sides agreed that the fence around Kelly’s grave would be removed on May 26 and there is no reason why this deadline cannot be kept.”

The fence still remains at the church as Mrs Hoszko refuses to remove it.