WYRE Forest District Council 'needs to get the basics right' if it wants to generate more income a councillor has argued - after he was unable to go to the toilet during Kidderminster's beer festival last month.

Labour councillor Adrian Sewell complained on twitter and subsequently to The Shuttle about the state of the men's toilets at Kidderminster Town Hall.

A council spokesman said the facilities were being refurbished and work should be completed within the next two weeks.

Mr Sewell said: "At the beer festival, the toilets were really inoperable. They have one cubicle which you cannot use, a hand drier which does not work and tiles are falling off the wall.

"The council have hired consultants to see how they can get best use of their buildings, they need to get stuff like this right. They are in charge of inspecting restaurants and they would pick restaurants up for stuff like this so are they adhering to their own standard. They are not going to be income generators if they cannot get the basics right."

Conservative councillor Marcus Hart, council leader, said: “The refurbishment of toilets is planned to be completed in the next two weeks. The work which is costing £24,000 will include a complete refurbishment of the main toilets on the ground floor.

“Obviously there is no ideal time for this work to take place as the town hall is busy and in use every day and in the evenings. We have worked around events and customers with no problems or complaints at all. We have hosted a large wedding and Youth Makes Music during the refurbishment works. The disabled toilet remains open for any users during this time. “