A STOURPORT couple who have suffered from flooding entering their home say they cannot even walk around their house because of damage caused by the waters.

Mark and Elaine Fisher say they have been hit by flash floods entering their Easthope Close home. Mr Fisher has twice made it home from work in time to lay sandbags to keep the water out but was not successful another time, when water caused damage to his floor boards and furniture, setting him back about £300 to replace carpets and flooring.

He has hit out at The Community Housing Group (TCHG), saying it has refused to help him replace the damaged items or act to stop it happening again.

A spokesman for the group said there were “ongoing investigations” to see if drainage in the area surrounding Easthope Close could be improved.

According to Mr Fisher, 47, drains on neighbouring Yarranton Close cannot cope with flood water when it rains heavily and fills pathways up to his back garden and doorstep. If no-one is at home to put down sandbags, it enters his house.

“You walk through the corridor, you start going through the floorboards, which have rotted,” he said. “Should I live in a property walking around on floors that are rotten due to all this water? Under the house itself there is a slurry left of mud.

“It has happened on quite a few occasions. Twice I have had to leave work to rush to get the sandbags to stop it coming in.”

He added: “I am fed up of banging my head against a brick wall with them [TCHG] - they are saying it is not their fault.” Mr and Mrs Fisher live with two cats and one dog, which are also suffering from the damage.

A spokesman for TCHG said: “We are aware that following some localised flash flooding in June, some residents in Easthope Close, Stourport, experienced water penetration to their homes.

“Although we have not received any report directly from Mrs Fisher, I can confirm there are ongoing investigations to see if we can improve the drainage to the area around Easthope Close to minimise the risk of this happening in the future.

“We believe that this type of damage should be covered by normal household insurance, which we encourage all tenants to take out to protect their contents.”