A FATHER whose family was driven out of their home after a hat-trick of floods is demanding at least £1,000 compensation from a water company.

Andrew Spencer claims his family's two-year ordeal - in which sewage and water swamped the garden of their rented house in Stourport three times - has cost them dearly.

In the final flood to hit his former home in Stagborough Way, he and his wife, Rebecca, lost her treasured, preserved bridal bouquet and wedding favour boxes.

The family faced cleaning up and refurbishing their garden twice and the expenses of moving home to escape the constant threat of flooding which, Mr Spencer estimates, as at least £1,000.

Mr and Mrs Spencer and their two children, aged 14 and 10, moved into the detached house in 2011 and they worked hard to get their garden shipshape for summer, 2012 but then sewage and water flooded up through the manhole into the garden, about 8ft from the back door, after heavy rain.

Severn Trent cleaned up the garden, which had been submerged, and the family received around £130 off their bill.

The following spring, the Spencers spent two weeks again preparing their garden for summer.

In March this year the drain again spewed out raw sewage, plastering their garden with decaying food and human waste.

Mr Spencer, a 34-year-old warehouseman, said: "The smell was horrific.

"We were gutted. So Severn Trent came along, cleaned the garden and put cameras down the back drains but found no damage."

The Spencers decided to move.

On June 9 - a month before the move to another rented house about a mile away in Dorsett Road - the garden flooded, leaking into the garage, where Mrs Spencer, 33, had stored boxes, including items of sentimental value from their 2007 wedding, which were ruined.

"It turns out the drain out the front had collapsed and we have been told that the wrong drains were checked in March," said Mr Spencer.

"So now Severn Trent have contacted me saying I will get £138 off my bill and they will send me a claim pack."

Severn Trent spokeswoman Sarah-Jayne O'Kane said: "We are really sorry for what has happened to this family and totally understand how horrible it is to have sewage flooding into your home.

"It's happening more lately because of the heavy rains we've had.

"We are more than willing to look at a compensation claim and have sent a pack for Mr Spencer to make one."