A STOURPORT man has criticised a website for giving his home town a bad name.

Jonathan Evans, 60, came across ilivehere.co.uk when searching for reviews of Stourport and he was shocked by the “unfair” comments, which were submitted by users of the internet site, about his place of residence.

He has contacted the webpage’s operators to request the offensive details are removed, but without success so far, and is calling on other Stourport residents to submit more positive appraisals of the town.

The main abusive comment, which can be found at ilivehere.co.uk/stourport-on-severn.html, describes Stourport as “a truly awful place” which “accommodates chavs nicely” and has “absolutely nothing cultural or interesting”.

Several people replied to the review on the website and some defended the town, calling it “friendly” and a place for “happy living”.

Mr Evans said: “'I was very upset to read the initial comment on the website and some of the subsequent comments from people who were very unhappy with the first review.

“To counter this I have asked the website to remove the initial comment, so far without success, as it paints a very unfair picture of Stourport and the thousands of holidaymakers who visit us.

“This website could impact tourism and property values if it is not amended and I urge fellow residents to write more accurate reports of our picturesque riverside town.”

A footnote on the website states ilivehere.co.uk “accepts no responsibility for the comments, nor any content on this site that is posted or provided by third parties” and “disclaims all liability for such content to the fullest extent permitted by law”.

To complain about the review residents of Stourport can email abuse@ilivehere.co.uk