A SPRING filled with nails was found by a dog walker as she was walking a client’s dog in Kidderminster.

Kellie Ruff, 27, of Stourport, who runs Ruff’s Pet Care Services, found the dangerous object on a footpath between Hurcott Road and Baxter Gardens Park.

Miss Ruff said the dog she was walking, Tutsey, had a lucky escape, as she almost stepped on the object.

“It was a horrific thing to come across,” she said. “I don’t know why anyone would leave such a dangerous thing on a footpath.

"I go to that area about twice as week with a couple of the dogs I walk and, luckily, have never seen anything like that before.

“It is so dangerous and the dog came so close to stepping on it - she had a lucky escape.”

Miss Ruff took the object to her home and alerted the police.