A STOURPORT teenager is celebrating after not just passing his driving test but passing it faultlessly.

Elliot Dawes, of The Dell, is one of just over seven per cent of drivers who have taken their test and achieved the outcome of having no faults.

The 17-year-old said: “It's brilliant and something I never expected to happen. Just passing your test is really good but you’re always expecting a couple of minors, so to pass with no faults is great."

It is the third time Elliot has taken his driving test, after mistakes cost him a pass first time round and nerves were the downfall on his second attempt.

“I was quite nervous but still a lot more relaxed than I was on my first two attempts,” he said.

“I didn’t feel under as much pressure as I did before - in my second test I was an absolute wreck.

“I didn’t do anything different third time around. I just went into it more relaxed. I have been driving on my own away from lessons but I did that before my first two tests.”

Elliot has been instructed by Chris Orr of Kestrel Driver Training, in Kestrel Close, Kidderminster, since May.

Mr Orr has been teaching people to drive for 16 years and about 350 of his students have passed their tests but he said Elliot was only his fourth pupil to achieve a clean sheet.

“Elliot was very determined to pass his driving test and picked things up very quickly,” he said.

“He was very focussed on his driving and I suppose you could say that determination stood out as a characteristic.

“I was confident that Elliot would pass his test but one never expects that no faults would be the outcome.”

Elliot will now be able to free himself, and his Vauxhall Corsa, from the L plates as he takes to the road alone but he does not believe that achieving the faultless result makes him a better driver than others who receive faults.

He added: “Some people can show up on the day and get no minors but then on other days they could have got 10.

“It all depends on how you drive on the day.”