A STOURPORT primary school has been forced to close a week early after a leaking pipe was discovered under the building.

Concerns have been raised about the condition of Wilden All Saints’ CE Primary School’s main building following the leak which happened earlier this week.

Head teacher Francesca Fishwick has written to parents informing them of the situation and confirming the school will close on Monday, July 17 – a week earlier than originally scheduled.

She said alternative arrangements are being arranged for Year 6 pupils and some childcare provision is being offered to working parents next week.

In her letter to parents, Mrs Fishwick said: “This decision has not been taken lightly but on Monday morning this week we discovered a leaking mains pipe which is situated right underneath the school building itself.

“We have been monitoring the situation over the course of the week with the relevant services involved to ensure everyone’s safety but now the amount of water lost from the main pipe has greatly increased and the engineer is concerned for the fabric of the building itself which of course we do not want to be compromised.

“Having taken into consideration the advice, the governing body feels we have no choice but to close as legally we cannot have children in the school building without running water available.

“We understand that this may inconvenience many parents but health and safety is our prime concern and I am sure you will agree that the most important factor is that all children and staff are safe.

“The re-routing of major pipework across the school building will ensure that we are ready for the new term in September.

“We are devastated that this has happened at this time of the school with so many lovely activities planned for your children in the final week but we need to think of the future survival of our school building.”

Any parents who might wish to use the childcare facilities at the school are asked to sign the relevant sheet in the school entrance hall or phone the WASPS 07397 012988.