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BOOKS: Best-selling historical novelist Bernard Cornwell, creator of the Sharpe novels which were adapted for television starring Sean Bean, talks about his unhappy adopted childhood, his life in the US and how his love of acting has slowed down his writing career, as his latest novel, 1356, is published.

CELEBRITY INTERVIEW:As the face of sex-comedy franchise American Pie, Jason Biggs became synonymous with gross-out humour. Now he's getting serious with a political movie called Grassroots, which is released on Friday, November 9. He talks about reining in the humour, Jake Gyllenhaal's dad acting as his mentor, and why he felt more vulnerable doing this movie than he ever has getting naked in American Pie.

GARDENING: Tips on how to give animals and insects a winter haven - plus, find out what else needs doing in the garden this week.

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