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Massive blaze at Lawrence Recycling in Kidderminster - live blog

Last updated:

    Blaze at Lawrence Recycling, in Stourport Road, broke out yesterday at about 5.30pm.
  • Fire fighters working through the night say they have brought the fire "under control".
  • Police say fire is being treated as "unexplained rather than suspicious".
  • Residents being urged to keep windows and doors shut and will see smoke plume for a week.
  • Roads re-opened but commuters face delays.


Hope07 11:01am Mon 17 Jun 13

I have read most of the comments since yesterday & it's so sad to see the lack of support for a hard working local run family business. People see business think - money! It's so sad, I hope everyone involved is ok, employees, the family and the firefighters. Does anyone in there wright mind really think anybody would want this to happen?? Talk about kicking someone when there down! Wheres the local support.

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kozmik 9:59pm Mon 17 Jun 13

Monday night, Windermere Way, and we are being bathed in a toxic soup that I can now smell INSIDE the house although we have kept windows & doors closed all day. Obviously plastic fumes are not very nice to breath in. Will the company be held liable for the undoubted health implications? I know the firemen are doing a wonderful job, is the Environmental Agency going to get involved ?- because they should be. This happening AGAIN is unlucky, and disgraceful at the same time. I'm very unhappy about this, and I bet everyone else is, too.

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mad cazza 6:33am Tue 18 Jun 13

The situation now why should the whole of stourport be made to live in smog.It is good that no one was hurt in the fire woke up this morning (Tuesday 18th) no doors or windows open and my house smells of burnt plastic.I do not want to live in smog city,I am totally disgusted.Question why after the last fire was the company not made to put a sophisticated fire system in place to manage any future incidents.I bet the MD of the company is not having to live with this smell this situation is disgraceful.I urge all people of the wyre forest to complain to their local MP before this place is allowed to do this all over again.

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Shibdrift 4:01pm Tue 18 Jun 13

Complain to the local MP!! - that will be as effective as Lawrences are at doing a proper job!

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burstner 10:34am Sat 6 Jul 13

I am very concerned about the fire being allowed to burn at Lawrences recycling, surely something can be done to put out this fire, do we have to put up with this, there seems to be no sign of it going out and it may be weeks yet before it does

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