A BEWDLEY resident is kicking up a stink over an extractor fan that blows the smell of food into his home.

Adrian Mayall said he had been complaining about the problem to Wyre Forest District Council for 12 years but nothing had been done.

He said the extractor fan, in No Road, was now used by the Severn Fine Indian Cuisine restaurant, Load Street, adding the smell of the cooking blew into his nearby flat.

Abdul Miah, manager of the restaurant, said the fan was already there when he moved into the building – which he said had been a restaurant for 25 years – two years ago.

Mr Mayall explained: “Nothing has been done about it.bPeople are moving out of their flats because of it.

“It absolutely stinks and it hits you straight in the face.

We’re absolutely fed up with it and we’re not getting any response. It’s an absolute nightmare. It should be removed.”

What is now the Indian restaurant was a cafe when Mr Mayall bought his property.mHe said he had been “moaning ever since” it was converted into an eatery.

“I want to know why noth ing has been done about it,”msaid Mr Mayall, adding he was concerned it would affect the value of his home.

Mr Miah said he had applied for permission to move his kitchen to the back of the restaurant to try and solve the problem.

“I can’t do anything about the fan,” he said.

An officer at Worcestershire Regulatory Services said the issue had been investigated, adding: “A new kitchen to the rear of the premises was proposed to Wyre Forest District Council planners, which would have moved the extract system, solving the issue of odour and low-level siting of elements of the system.

“This was made clear to our complainant during investi gations, which concluded in January.

“We have learned the planning application has been withdrawn and therefore will ask an officer to consider the complaint afresh.”

He said the only complaint received about the issue was in November last year.