PEOPLE suffering from breathing problems are being invited to a Kidderminster event featuring a specialist in a breathing rehabilitation method.

The two-hour session will take place at the Gilt Edge Leisure Centre tomorrow at 7pm.

It will be hosted by Simon Paddon, who is qualified to teach the Buteyko breathing technique, which helps reduce the symptoms of asthma, anxiety and emphysema.

Mr Paddon said he would be giving "easy-to-follow advice" during the event.

He added: "Buteyko breathing is unlike any other form of breathing regime. It focuses on every aspect of breathing, such as how we should breathe when we cough, sleep, speak, exercise, eat, panic and at all other times, as well as using gentle breathing techniques"

He added: "There is often confusion as to what exactly correct breathing is, with a perception that breathing deeply or breathing as much air as possible is best when, in fact, this is not true at all and can be very misleading. "My session in Kidderminster will provide easy-to-follow advice to ensure breathing sufferers are correctly informed."

People interested in attending the event should book online at or call 0844 357 7373.