THE hot and sunny weather brought the crowds flocking to Kinver Country Fayre but the scorching temperatures took their toll on visitors.

Andy Calloway, one of the organisers, said a number of people collapsed at yesterday’s fun day due to the heat - and a wrestler, taking part in shows organised by HCW Wrestling, suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated at the ringside.

An off-duty doctor and off-duty policeman reportedly carried out CPR until the arrival of emergency personnel from West Midlands Ambulance Service - which sent two ambulances, a paramedic support officer and community first responder to Kinver High Street after being alerted at about 3.30pm.

A spokesman for the ambulance service said the community first responder was on the scene within minutes - and advanced life support was given to the man which included shocking him with a defibrillator. 

She added: “The man, who had been resuscitated on scene but was still in a critical condition, was quickly transferred by ambulance on blue lights to Russells Hall Hospital.”

The wrestler, who has not been named, was later said to be recovering in hospital.

Mr Calloway said: “He had to be revived at the ringside. We don’t know exactly what caused it – we just know he was taken to hospital.”

He added that there had been “a superb response from the ambulance, police and first responders” throughout the day and said: “We had a really great team of first responders and they were running around all day. Lots of people collapsed due to the heat. Most of it was fairly minor and it was just a matter of rehydrating them and cooling them down. It certainly stretched us, it was about 30 degrees.”