A GHOSTHUNT of a “haunted” underground nuclear bunker in Kidderminster where men are said to have been crushed to death during construction, will take place this weekend.

Fear the Dark - Drakelow Tunnels Experience, hosted by Mysteria Ltd, will happen on Saturday near Wolverley, from 9pm until 4am.

The eerie event will include a workshop to teach those who dare how to increase the sensitivity and skills required to carry out a successful ghost hunt. There will be a mediumship walk-around and ghost-hunting vigils, with refreshments throughout the night.

Rumours surrounding the ghostly goings-on in the tunnels can be found on the organiser’s website at mysteriaparanormalevents.co.uk.

The website states that by the mid 1930’s the possibility of another world war was becoming evident, forcing the British Government to embark on a major construction plan of building several shadow factories. By 1941 construction at Drakelow was underway.

The plan was for a massive four and a half miles of interconnecting tunnels, the work was hazardous and there are stories of several fatal accidents.

Mysteria said one eye witness saw three men crushed in a roof fall in tunnel one. Other fatal accidents occurred when one of the workers was struck by a dumper truck and on another occasion two men were killed when riding the conveyors.

Local rumour suggests that the initials of those who died in the construction process were carved into the sandstone where they died.

The ghost-hunting group said: “Many hauntings are associated with a traumatic death experience, Drakelow Tunnels has many such fatal incidents and it is said that the dead still roam there in the dark to this day.

“Members of Drakelow Preservation Trust have experienced some disturbing incidents from being grabbed in the dark to manifestations actually being caught on camera.”

“Following the development of nuclear weapons at the end of World War II, the British Government formed elaborate plans for Drakelow Tunnels to be used as one of Britain’s nuclear bunkers in the event of nuclear attack. Not only is Drakelow a known haunted location but it also offers a fascinating overnight experience in one of the UK’s largest nuclear bunkers.”

In September last year members of the Mysteria Ghost Club embarked upon a pre-investigation of the tunnels with one of their resident mediums.

They suspect that during the tunnels' closure it had been used for more sinister activities and believe that over time the tunnels have been infiltrated by occultist who have practised dark rituals.

Those brave enough can visit the website for more information or call Mysteria Ltd on 01457 877008 between 10am and 9pm.