FRANCHE are unstoppable in the race for the Division One title in the Kidderminster and District Midweek Bowling League.

With only four games left to play in the 2014 season they are a clear three points ahead of their nearest rivals St Johns A.

Their win at St Ambrose this week means that Franche have lost only one game this season.

St Johns A continue their successful run with a win at Stourport Workmen’s club against the Royal Ord B team.

Division Two leaders Franche D, lost to their nearest rivals SW Victoria, leaving them at the top on aggregate scores.

Cookley A had a mighty home win against Bewdley C by 61 shots.

There is a very interesting situation at the top Division Three, Cookley B and Oldington C are both on 18 point and both have a 200 shots aggregate, however Cookley triumphed at Kinver by 43 shots while Oldington C lost out to Wolverley C.

The last four games of the season will be very important for these two teams.

In Division Four, Carolians had a tight game at Bewdley with the visitors taking home a four shots win but Franche C had a runaway victory on their home green beating Oldington D by 54 shots.

Although the Nomads are bottom of this league table they gave Kinver A very spirited game at White Wickets However, the away team managed to pull back in the doubles and eventually won by 12 shots.

Cookley B had a tough game in Division One of the Thursday Midweek League losing out to Oldington A by three shots.

Franche A remain ahead in the league tables a clear six points in front of their nearest rivals St Johns OB A with the Franche club only losing one game so far this season.

These two teams met this week at the Crowther Road green but the away team proved to be the stronger with Franche victorious.

Bewdley B and Little Lakes returned to form this week both teams winning at home. Carolians fought hard against St Ambrose B on the Leswell St green, the game eventually ended in a draw.

Kidderminster League results - Division One: SW Royal Ord B 103 v St Johns A 142; Bewdley A 114 v Ombersley A 66; Franche 143 v St Ambrose B 88.

Division Two: Royal Mail 128 v Stourport D 80; Cookley A 148 v Bewdley C 87; SW Victoria 138 v Franche D 121.

Division Three: St Ambrose RO A 131 v St Johns C 127;Wolverley C 133 v Oldington C 108; Cookley B 132 v Little Lakes 108; Kinver C 96 v Cookley B 139.

Division Four: Bewdley D 113v Carolians 117; Nomads 125 v Kinver A 137; Ombersley B149 v Cookley C 78; Franche C 141 v Oldington D87.

Thursday Midweek League Division One: Cookley B 96 v Oldington A 99; St Johns OB A 101 v Franche A 108; Bewdley A 114 v St Ambrose A 66; Kinver A 115 v Wolverley 81; Oldington B 101 v Ombersley 85: Division Two: St Ambrose B 97 v Carolians 97; Little Lakes 118 v Kinver B 86; Bewdley B 105 V Cookley A 83; Franche B 119 v Bewdley C 66.