ON THE BEAT, January 2014

12:14pm Monday 27th January 2014

Hopefully you enjoyed the festive period and were lucky enough to receive a ‘must have' present or been able to treat yourself to a bargain in the sales.


6:00am Sunday 3rd November 2013

THIS month I would like to update you in relation to some internal changes that have recently just taken place.


Kidderminster Shuttle: Inspector Paul Crowley, of Kidderminster Police: "The owners of lost passports have become extremely upset as they have had to pay for a new one and cannot understand why they can’t have their original passport back."

9:50am Monday 29th July 2013

IN this month’s column I would like to remind everyone of the importance of keeping your passport secure.


9:00am Sunday 7th July 2013

StopRapeNow.co.uk is a new campaign launched this month by police, health, councils and support agencies across the West Mercia area that aims to challenge the public’s understanding of consent.


6:00am Friday 31st May 2013

IN this month’s column I would firstly like to remind you of the force’s 101 telephone number.


7:00am Tuesday 30th April 2013

WEST Mercia Police is fully committed to informing the public about the standards of service you can expect from us.

ON THE BEAT, March 2013

10:17am Wednesday 3rd April 2013

IN this month’s column I would like tell you about a campaign later this month focusing on rogue traders.


7:00am Saturday 9th March 2013

IN this month’s column I would like tell you something about our ‘CSI’ officers.

ON THE BEAT, January 2013

12:00pm Thursday 3rd January 2013

I WOULD like to start 2013 by wishing you a happy New Year and telling you about a new service that has been introduced to combat fraud.

ON THE BEAT - December 2012

12:00pm Monday 3rd December 2012

UNFORTUNATELY there has been a slight increase in burglaries across Wyre Forest in the last few weeks but by taking a few simple measures you can avoid becoming a victim.

ON THE BEAT - October 2012

10:00am Friday 5th October 2012

IN this month’s column, I’d like to refer to a couple of stories that have featured in The Shuttle in the last few weeks.

On the Beat - September 27

10:29am Thursday 27th September 2012

In this month’s column I would like to refer to a couple of story’s that have featured in this paper over the last few weeks.

ON THE BEAT - September

1:00pm Monday 3rd September 2012

IN this month’s column I’d like to talk about distraction burglary. This can take a number of forms but is carried out by criminals who deliberately target the most vulnerable members of our communities.

On The Beat - August 2012

3:00pm Monday 30th July 2012

AFTER years of planning the Olympic and Paralympic Games are finally now underway! Significant numbers of officers from across West Mercia are supporting the games at various locations, including London, on pre-planned deployments. To ensure that we are still able to continue with ‘business as usual’ in our local communities and be there when needed, the vast majority of officers have not been allowed to take leave during this time. This, in effect, means there are more officers available.

On The Beat - July 2012

6:30am Monday 2nd July 2012

IN this month’s column I’d like to talk about what happens should you become a victim of crime.

On the Beat - April 2012

12:52pm Monday 30th April 2012

IN this month’s column I’d like to talk about the issue of stalking.

On the Beat - March 2012

4:00pm Monday 2nd April 2012

As the weather starts to warm up and we are all getting out into our gardens it’s worth remembering to secure your garage or shed as well as your home.

On the Beat - January 2012

7:20am Tuesday 31st January 2012

WEST Mercia police are running a campaign in February called ‘Love Your Neighbourhood’. As part of this campaign officers from Wyre Forest Local Policing Teams are ‘opening’ a community shop for a week in Kidderminster town centre. Between Tuesday 21st and Saturday 25th the shop in Blackwell Street (not far from Boots) will be open from 10am to 4pm.


2:30pm Wednesday 28th December 2011

I HOPE you had an enjoyable Christmas and were able to spend time with family and friends.

On the Beat - October, 2011

11:10am Wednesday 5th October 2011

IN this month’s column I’d like to talk about student safety. As students settle in to a new term at college or university it’s worth taking a moment to think about crime prevention.

On the Beat - September, 2011

8:50am Wednesday 31st August 2011

I AM glad to report that during the riots in early August peace was maintained across the Wyre Forest area as we would all hope and expect. To ensure that this was the case police officers from across Wyre Forest worked extended shifts making sure that they were available if and when needed. In addition, some officers were deployed to Birming-ham to provide them with assistance.

On the Beat - August, 2011

11:59am Friday 29th July 2011

IN this months column I want to address e-safety which is a priority for the force at the moment and we need your help to make a difference.

On the Beat - June, 2011

7:00am Thursday 2nd June 2011

THERE has been a big rise in metal thefts across the country recently so in this column I want to touch on what you and the police can do to tackle this.

On the Beat - April, 2011

3:20pm Monday 4th April 2011

AS the weather starts to warm up a bit it’s an ideal time to remind everyone to be extra vigilant when locking up at home.

On the Beat - January 2011

8:00am Thursday 3rd March 2011

WELCOME to my first column of 2011. This year will no doubt throw up many challenges, especially around the ongoing financial pressures the country faces.

On the Beat - March, 2011

7:40am Sunday 27th February 2011

West Mercia Police run a Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme which allows members of the public – parents, carers, guardians or interested third parties – to ask the police to tell them about a person’s record of child sex offences if they are concerned about that person’s access to a child.

On the Beat - February, 2011

8:40am Wednesday 2nd February 2011

FOR those of us with access to a computer I would like to promote a website called www.immobilise.com which allows you to record details of your possessions in case they are stolen or lost, and it’s free of charge!

On the Beat - November 2010

9:21am Friday 29th October 2010

I RECENTLY met with all the chairs of the Partners and Community Togethercpanels to see how the PACT process is progressing since it started four years ago. The good news is that they still meet regularly across Wyre Forest and the panels have dealt with many issues raised at their meetings.

On the Beat - October 2010

4:37pm Thursday 30th September 2010

BURGLARY remains rare across the Wyre Forest area with less than one per cent of homes burgled each year.

On the Beat - September 9

8:10am Thursday 9th September 2010

MANY of us conduct our lives online these days, whether it’s speaking to friends on social networking sites or posting our latest thoughts and musings on Twitter.

On the beat - August 2

8:00am Monday 2nd August 2010

MANY of you may be aware that there have been some changes in classification of drugs recently.

On the beat - July 5

8:00am Monday 5th July 2010

NOT everyone will take England's recent World Cup defeat in good grace; for some people the emotions spill over into domestic abuse – often fuelled by alcohol.

On the beat - June 18

8:00am Friday 18th June 2010

AS summer is finally here it’s an ideal time to remind everyone to be extra vigilant when locking up at home.

On the beat - May 3

3:00pm Monday 3rd May 2010

YOU may well have seen reports in the media that crime is down. Both police figures nationally and the British Crime Survey agree that this is the case.

On the beat - March 31

11:50am Wednesday 31st March 2010

THIS month I’d like to tell you more about Community Resolution, a new process that came into effect at the same time that changes were made to the way that the performance of the police is measured.

On the beat - February 1

4:22pm Monday 1st February 2010

THIS month I would like to tell you more about the Special Constabulary, particularly as National Specials Weekend takes place this weekend.

On the beat - December 31

11:53am Thursday 31st December 2009

I HOPE that you were able to enjoy the festive period and received some nice gifts. Have you thought about protecting your new, and not so new, possessions?

On The Beat column, December 2009

3:55pm Friday 4th December 2009

FOLLOWING on from my column last month I would like to tell you about some ‘behind the scenes’ planning.

On the beat

4:40pm Friday 30th October 2009

I OFTEN receive requests for “more bobbies on the beat” or I am told “I never see a police officer”.

On the beat - August 31

3:00pm Monday 31st August 2009

IN this month’s column I would like to give readers some idea of what they can expect from the criminal justice system and the police if you are a victim of crime.

On the beat - August 11

3:00pm Tuesday 11th August 2009

IN this month’s column I would like to give readers some crime prevention advice particularly relevant to this time of year.

On the beat

3:00pm Wednesday 1st July 2009

THIS month I am going to focus on two issues often raised at community meetings … under-age drinking and irresponsible motorists.

ON THE BEAT, June 2009

11:43am Friday 29th May 2009

WELCOME to June’s ‘On the Beat’ – my first since taking over this column from Chief Inspector Jim Baker who has now left for a new force-wide Local Policing role.

On the beat

9:00am Saturday 2nd May 2009

AS we approach the warmer and hopefully the sunnier months of the year, the number of fetes, parades, carnivals and other civic occasions increases.

On the beat

10:11am Wednesday 1st April 2009

AUTOMATIC Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a proven technology that has been used for more than 20 years – it is accurate and reliable and its use is leading to the arrest of numerous criminals, the seizure of thousands of un-roadworthy vehicles and the prevention of many offences.


3:03pm Monday 2nd March 2009

RECORDING and investigating reports of missing people takes up a considerable amount of time for police in Wyre Forest.

Warning on driving licences

3:50pm Wednesday 25th February 2009

Motorists are being urged to ensure their driving licences have not expired.

ON THE BEAT COLUMN, February 2009

1:47pm Thursday 29th January 2009

FROM December 31, West Mercia Constabulary has committed to deliver the new national Policing Pledge which gives the public a clear minimum standard of service which we will deliver.


10:00am Wednesday 31st December 2008

WELCOME to the first On The Beat column of 2009. Many people will have made a New Year’s resolution to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink so this is a good time to look at the issue of Alcohol Restriction Zones.

Download your police poster

9:20am Tuesday 2nd December 2008

West Mercia Constabulary has produced a poster called 'How to avoid becoming a target for crime' which outlines measures you can take to beat opportunist thieves during the festive period.


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